Is Zuckerberg a new philanthropy?

The argument goes both ways: opponents would contest FB sincerity to not exploit its power and clout for unseen future benefit, while proponents would argue having strip down version of FB and others alike are better than nothing.

For a country whose government didn’t invest internet to wire its people, the net neutrality argument seems futile and inconceivable

This is one article: Facebook’s Zuckerberg at crossroads in connecting the globe

Yet, one can’t be sure to the extent Zuckerberg would be willing to support the program contingency in the long term. Skepticism over his original intention has clouded the debate over giving internet access to marginal and disenfranchised group.

Three countries have officially revoked the free basic project with diverse reasons mainly political. However, the decision has been made without inclusive engagement and consultation with those marginal ones. Policy often made without thorough examination through deliberative discussion among parties in the nation. The issue was politicized for the sake of elites and vested interests.

East Lansing,

Feb, 23 2016

Whisnu Triwibowo


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